Friday, May 6, 2011

Green beans? Oh P(l)ease!

So today was Co-Man's 4 month check-up.  As we thought, he is right on track height and length wise.  Yay!  And as we also thought, he's ahead developmentally.  Yay!  The kid is so close to learning how to crawl, I swear.  But we did also learn (but so already knew...see below) that Co is a spitty baby.  Because of this, as well as him being ready in other ways, we are moving on to solids, folks!  Double yay!  Yes, we are ready to weigh the contents of his tummy down to avoid below incident.  My sweet momma recently bought us a Baby Bullet as agift and I've been dying to try it out.  It looks incredibly easy from the incredibly cheesy infomercial, so how hard could it be?  Our first suggested food is green beans.  I found a really cool baby food making-strainer at Green Bambino so I could steam the veggies first, then I was to use the Bullet to puree.  Easy peasy.  So I read the directions online and was ready to go.  I prepared the fresh green beans, filled the pot with a little water, then put the strainer, with green beans inside, in the pot.  Then a lid, and we are all systems go.  The directions said it would take about 5 minutes for the green beans to be steamed and ready.  About 10 minutes later they were still too crisp.  Then about 15 minutes later I smelled burning.  I rushed over only to realize there was no longer water in the pot, and I had cooked my strainer to a nice shade of black on bottom.  Not like the commercial...and not super easy.  Thankfully I had a few beans left and successfully was able to fill two tiny containers almost half-way full the second time, refraining from re-cooking my strainer, which had to be scrubbed.  Unfortunately what little I was able to make will probably be worn or spit back out tomorrow.  I did try my hand at peas and was much more successful with those, filling one container almost half-way full.  Here's hoping I get better at this.  Fast.  Blog with feeding adventure to soon follow.

On to my other story...

So lately Cohen loves being upside down (like on his tummy but in mid-air). I walk holding him in the football hold through the house when he's fussy and he loves it...we hold him up in the air and he squeals...and we lay on the floor and hold him over us. When we do the last thing we always have fair warning if he is going to spit-up, because he's a reflux baby and that's what he does. Today we were having play time in the floor and I was holding him over me and we were both laughing. He had eaten about an hour before and seemed fine. I'm sure you see where this is going. Then, as both of our mouths are open and we are laughing, he projectile threw-up! And while some went on my just fixed hair ( I have to shower again), and some went on my face (with make-up, which rarely happens)...and the vast majority went IN MY MOUTH! Oh my gosh! By far the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me so far. So for those girls who say we feed our babies posion (aka formula), no it only tastes like poison when it's thrown back up! :)

Ugh...welcome to motherhood...Happy Mother's Day!

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