Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy 1-Month Birthday, Cohen!

Today marks the 1-month birthday of our sweet little boy!  At 10:29 PM on New Year's Eve God changed our lives with the birth of an amazing little guy.  I will always remember the first time we saw him, arms outstretched and bright eyes, and tears flowed for both of us.

The last month has been full of tears (both of frustration and joy), laughter and love.  We've had nights of absolutely no sleep, and nights (recently) with a few hours of sleep, with hopes soon of a whole night of sleep.  We brought him home with no idea how to take care of him and in the last month we've figured out quite a bit.  Every day brings new challenges and joys.  And every day we ask ourselves how we could be so blessed for God to trust us to care for him. 

Since his birth, Cohen is already learning so much.  He moves his mouth and makes noise like he's part of our conversations.  He is so close to smiling, which is thrilling to watch.  He is so alert and strong.  He tries to crawl, but hasn't figured out what to do with his arms.  He tries to stand when being burped.  When he becomes mobile we are in trouble!  It's so exciting to watch him develop more and more each day.

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