Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with our little 5-week old and bi-polar weather...

This week has been full of new things for Cohen to experience.  We took him to the park in Edmond for the first time.  It was in the 60's so it was great to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Then, later in the week February temperatures returned and Cohen saw his first snow!  The blizzard of 2011 hit and we spent Tuesday-Friday inside.  School was out so both Kevin and I were off work.  It was so great to spend quality family time together.  Then we bundled up Cohen in his homemade hat, made by our sweet friend Brenda, and his fuzzy bear outfit, and walked over to see our neighbors.  We played outside and visited with friends Wyatt and Madeline, then back home we went.  This week Cohen is working on smiling and cooing, which makes every day more exciting.  Also this week he has started sleeping in his own room.  So far he's doing great with that and we are so proud.  This week has been such a blessing.  It's so great to be a family of three!

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