Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally the 2 month mark!

In those first few weeks of being a parent of a newborn, we asked everyone we knew the golden question:  "when does this get easier?"  The general response was always 6-8 weeks.  By 8 weeks, according to friends with babies, life will be somewhat normal again.  And as any new parent would, I hated that answer.  I kept asking and hoping that someone would tell me to give it a couple more days and that "what were we thinking" feeling would go away.  Then I felt like a horrible parent for feeling that way.  But the endless amount of diaper changes, bottles, and night cries were wearing me out, as I'm sure happens with every new parent.  Cohen and I cried together as we struggled each day to figure each other out.  It felt like life would never be the same.

Friday we celebrated Cohen's 8 week birthday in our house with the traditional week-of-growing picture and, as we did so, realized we were in fact looking at an 8 week old baby...and life had become easier.  Ahh.  Cries can often be decoded, I know when to expect the dreaded #2 diaper of the day, I can get a burp out of this hard-to-burp boy, and night cries are few and far between.  He's still not a huge fan of the car seat, but he will go in willingly now.  We've realized the need for reflux medicine so the days of fussiness from pain are over.  Now, I'm not saying I'm ready to tackle Cohen's first sickness or anything else like that, but things are generally easier now.  And I know that as soon as you get settled then something happens to shake things up.  However, I praise God for each day being easier than the last, and the promise of easier days to come.  The sweet coos and smiles our son blesses us with each day make life so much better than we could ever have imagined it to be with a baby.  Praise God!

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