Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little love letters from God

It's amazing to see God's love for us in a new way.  With this being Valentine's Day week I can't help but relect on God's love for us, and something my sweet friend Jana said the other day has been in my mind.  She was talking about how her new baby girl will fuss and cry when she's hungry after waking from a nap.  Jana will be in the other room making a bottle but her baby has no idea.  She feels like mom has forgotten her and her needs won't be met.  She is so worried and scared of such a thought and so she cries out to mom as loud as she can.  Cohen and I go through this every day, multiple times a day.  He realizes he's hungry and cries like it's the end of the world.  I'm out of sight preparing a solution, but he doesn't see me.  And even if he did he probably wouldn't understand what I'm doing at this age.  This is so true with God.  There are times we feel our needs aren't being met, or things just aren't going our way, and we cry out to God and there's no answer.  Little do we know, he's in the next room making our bottle.  The more I get to know our son the more I see God and His love for us.  In those early days as a mom Cohen would cry and I would have no idea how to fix it.  I would tell him, "if I knew what to do to fix things I would."  And there may not have been anything wrong, he just got himself worked up.  I would wish he would just stop crying and focusing on being upset and let me hold him, and then I could calm him down.  What a great reminder to stop, take a moment, and let God hold us.  There are so many times that if I would do that I wouldn't miss what God was trying to show me...or I would just be able to receive the peace that only comes from Him.  Those frustrations that come with being a new parent keep reminding me of my relationship with my Heavenly parent.

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